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What is MADDOG

MADDOG slang from the “RABIES”

By the meaning of symptoms of an infected dog. It is a viral infection that is spread because of frenzied canine chomp. However, it is almost all the way obvious, Rabies infection can be spread by dogs, cats, and other wild animals.

power of Rabies

The nature of the transmission of Rabies

Rabies virus is transmitted through direct contact (such as through broken skin or mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, or mouth) with saliva or brain/nervous system tissue from an infected animal.

People usually get rabies from the bite of a rabid animal. It is also possible, but rare, for people to get rabies from non-bite exposures, which can include scratches, abrasions, or open wounds that are exposed to saliva or other potentially infectious material from a rabid animal. Other types of contact, such as petting a rabid animal or contact with the blood, urine, or feces of a rabid animal, are not associated with risk for infection and are not considered to be exposures of concern for rabies.

Bite and non-bite exposures from an infected person could theoretically transmit rabies, but no such cases have been documented. Casual contact, such as touching a person with rabies or contact with non-infectious fluid or tissue (urine, blood, feces), is not associated with risk for infection. Contact with someone who is receiving rabies vaccination does not constitute rabies exposure, does not pose a risk for infection, and does not require postexposure prophylaxis.

Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

earn and earn

Adaptive the Smart Wearable

When it comes to integrating AI and metaverse, we need wearables as a link between the real world and the virtual world. We look at the use of glasses or contact lenses. It will be one of the devices that the general public has access to because, in addition to its affordable price, it is also easy to wear and access.

The revenue we earn from selling MADDOG coins from our coin sponsors will help fulfill our expectations. and actually in return for our coin holders When we have done everything we promised, the value of the coin will increase. Every step will be announced clearly and officially.

by summary

MADDOG Project

Every MADDOG Team has planned everything carefully. Because we know we are asking for a chance. We don’t want people who give us a chance to be disappointed. We are committed to the foundation of sincerity and possibility. We are confident in every promise we make.

Pets Concerned
Healthy Pets for Happy Life

The beginning was born out of concern for our best friends. We expect equality for animals around the world. We don’t want to lose anymore because everything can be fixed.

World Connected
Limitless of the Reality

Connect the real and the virtual world through cutting-edge technology. To understand our best friend by elimination of the conceptual limitations of interspecies communication is possible.

Wealty with Reliable
Increasing of value for every holder

The unlimited increase in the value of the coin starts with a sincere giver with various projects that have been placed to make every sponsor’s income stable and sustainable.

Scope of our Step


Everything comes after we see the inequalities of animals in access to treatment.

We aim for everything under opportunity and possibility. We expect things for a better future for everyone.

We are ready to practice and follow our plans to make ourselves stronger, smarter, and faster. 

We intend to grow and be strong. To be an opportunity for everyone in every life

Site in Thailand

Our Partner Workshop

Contract Address

MADDOG Coin Address

Presale Schedule

MADDOG Token Sale

MADDOG coins can be transferred to other owners during the following periods.

4 April 2022

5 Days

0.5% Soft Sale Cap 2,500 BNB


9 April 2022

7 Days

1.5% First Sale Cap 16,500 BNB


16 April 2022

7 Days

1.5% Second Sale Cap 18,000 BNB


23 April 2022

7 Days

1.5% Third Sale Cap 19,500 BNB


  • Token Symbol MAD
  • First Sale Start 4 April 2022
  • Last Day Sale 29 April 2022
  • Total Tokens For Sale 5,000,000,000,000,000
  • Soft Selling Price 0.000000000005 BNB
  • #1st Pre Sale Price 0.000000000011 BNB
  • #2nd Pre Sale Price 0.000000000012 BNB
  • #3rd Pre Sale Price 0.000000000013 BNB
  • Specifications MADDOG
  • Sale Duration 26 days
  • Claim Date 1 May 2022

** The Appraisal price when open market is not lower or equivalent to 0.00000000002 BNB **

Token Allocation

5% Presale
10% Management
35% Burning
50% Public Sale

Management Allocation

13% Admin & Ops
17% Legal & Advisory
25% Marketing & Sales
45% Business Dev & Ops

Road Map

Our team is working hard to keep MADDOG following the timeline. Charitable donations to each community always occur with every step we take. Apart from that, We will keep track of the organizations we donate to make the most effective contributions.

2022 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
  • Introduce for Awareness
  • Website & Social media launch
2022 Q2
  • Push on Influencer
  • Presale for supporter
  • Learn & Adapt Audit
  • List Coin to Market
  • Setup Team Developing
2022 Q3-Q4
  • Touch 100,000 holders
  • Awareness more on social media and others
  • Connect more to Worldwide Charity Org
  • Develop Org. Management #1
  • Pushing in Awareness & Communities
  • Design for AI & Metaverse Technology
  • Touch 500,000 holders
  • Setup own laboratory
  • Invest in wearables and distribute to market
Year after 85% launched
  • Establish a Company to plan for sustainable mammal assistance
  • Develop Org. Management #2
  • Invest for knowledge and education for community
Meet the MADDOG

Executive Team

The MADDOG team has a wide range of experiences. Knowledge and competence in a diverse team of industries, engineering, social media, finance, and marketing development.

Sasi O Lan
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Bobby Chu
CTO & Senior Developer
Add Pradit
Blockchain App Developer
Tam Bussa
Community Management
We plan to support

Organization for Rabies

and Others . . .


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided some frequently questions about our MADDOG Charity Token for more clearly understanding. Then if you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

MADDOG is a charity token. Our MADDOG project has chosen this name because we plan to cure pets such as dogs, cats and any others with rabies. Curing rabies isn't the only way we plans to help sick pets, but currently it's the major goal our project.

Our MADDOG Team has created a super-effective process for picking charities. More for picking any charity that claims to help sick pets, but we does a thorough investigation for picking the right charity and will do check for all track record how they is spending our donations.

In addition to doing charity to give back to society. The coin also invests in AI and Metaverse technology and produces products for global distribution. We goal of the Metaverse is to attract a large user by providing an engaging virtual experience. Then we are therefore confident in the sustainability of the coin.

Our coins are based on the feasibility of Presale Pricing, Whale Protection, White Paper Design, Short and Long term planning, and the most important is the identity and traceability of the coin.

Because we want to spread the opportunity to share coin ownership with everyone. We do not require an excessive investment that exposes the coin to market price uncertainty.

Soft Sale is to express our gratitude to the first investors to trust our coins. Therefore, we offer prices that are 4 times lower than the open market prices.

All sales phases can be claimed on the day after the sale ends which is 1st May 2022.

MADDOG Charity Token can use BNB to buy, just connect to your wallet and then enter the market.


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.